Uncommon Art

Night of Unfinished Projects

turtle-knitting-clipart-1We all have unfinished projects laying around the house, right? You know, those ideas that we started with enthusiasm but gradually stalled and were stuck in a closet: a scarf that is partly knitted; a novel that’s halfway through Chapter 3; a painting that needs the final details.

So – here’s your chance to get unstuck! On Friday, October 7th, pull out that project that you want to tackle, and join a group of like-minded folks as we make headway on those projects.

The art studio will provide a relaxing, creative environment to get your juices flowing. You bring your supplies, get comfy, and work at your own pace. Feel free to bring snacks or beverages.

If you need a critique or inspiration, we’re here to help. And we’ll be working alongside you on our own unfinished projects.

Friday, October 7, 7-11pm

Drop in when you can; leave when you need to.

Cost is $10. Register to reserve your spot at